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Meet the Pets

Meet the Sterling Financial Group Pets!

Get to Know Tom Speight's beloved pet.

Tom's Enigmatic Feline Companion!

Meet Tiger, the charismatic cat who knows how to steal the spotlight! With his expressive meows and endearing quirks, Tiger is not just any ordinary cat – he's a captivating character with a personality that shines through in every action.

First off, Tiger isn't shy about expressing his needs. When hunger strikes or bedtime beckons, his vocal cords come to life, ensuring that everyone knows it's time to attend to his needs. But that's not all – Tiger's love for water adds an unexpected twist to his antics. You'll often find him in the bathtub, indulging in his unique habit of licking the water from the bottom.

But perhaps what makes Tiger truly special is his knack for leaving a lasting impression. Ever noticed what appears to be a birthmark on his nose? Think again! It's actually just a clever disguise of dried food – a playful reminder of his mischievous side.

And let's not forget Tiger's heartwarming morning ritual. With a cold nose nudge, he gently rouses you from slumber, ready to start the day together. Plus, Tiger isn't one to dine alone. His insistence on company at mealtime is evident in his persistent meows until you join him in the sunroom, basking in the warmth of the morning sun.

But Tiger isn't just a homebody – he's also a professional meeting attendee! Whether it's in-person gatherings or virtual conferences, Tiger ensures his presence is felt by perching himself on your lap, adding a touch of feline charm to every interaction.

In essence, Tiger isn't just a pet – he's a beloved member of the family, weaving his way into the hearts of everyone he meets with his irresistible charm and unforgettable antics.

Meet Chris Speight's beloved pet.

Meet Jolene, The newest addition to Chris Speight's Pet Squad! This play and curious near five-month-old kitten brings endless joy and laughter to Chris' household. With big, bright eyes and a cautious demeanor around new faces, Jolene quickly warms up and showers her family with love and affection.

Jolene's adventurours spirit knows no bounds as she fearlessly explores every nook and cranny of her home. From perching on windowsills to investigating hidden corners, she's always on the lookout for her next big adventure. But don't let her tiny size fool you- this little feline has a big personality! 

When it comes to playtime, Jolene is all about the fun. She's a master at chasing laser pointers and can't resist the allure of a good game of hide-and-seek with her beloved springs. With boundless energy and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Jolene keeps her family on their toes and fills their lives with endless laughter and love.

Join us in welcoming Jolene to the Sterling Financial Group pet page, where her playful antics are sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face!

Meet Jon Speight's beloved pets.

Boba is a 4- year-old American Shorthair Tabby Cat know for her deep affection towards her owner, Jon. While reserved around strangers, she exudes warmth and devotion to her family. Boba delights in lounging with her parents and engaging in playful antics with her brother, Jango. Named after the iconic character Boba Fett from Star Wars, she embodies loyalty and companionship. 


Jango, a 3-year-old American Shorthair Tabby Cat, is a bundle of energy and mischief. With a penchant for mischief, he enjoys dashing around, pilfering treats, and causing delightful chaos. Despite his mischievous streak, Jango possesses a sweet and affectionate nature, relishing cuddles and lap time with his adoring owners. His namesake, Jengo Fett from Star Wars, echoes his spirited personality and charm. 

Ember, the newest addition of Jon's family, is a 4-month- old Aussie Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Mix. Brimming with boundless energy and intelligence, she is a quick learner and a vibrant presence in the household. Ember thrives on playtime and cherishes every moment spent with her loving family, embodying the joy and vitality of puppyhood. 

Meet Ian Osterhout's Pets!

Oreo is my loving but mischievous little guy, he’s turning 9 years old in June. He is extremely inquisitive and attached. He follows me around everywhere after work, he likes to sit on the side of the bathtub and is always curious about new people.

Tiny is our houses’ youngest cat at 5 years old; she loves any attention she can get and will even start purring before being pet. She has a very scratchy meow and will often direct her vocalizations at you just to get your attention for affection.

Duke is my friend and old roommate’s cat, he’s a very affectionate and playful boy. He loves to lay out in the sun and nap. He and Oreo were so close you would’ve thought they were brothers. He lives with Kira and Sophie who are his older four-legged sisters.

Kira, the most protective and intelligent out of all of them; she constantly goes on hikes and trips with my friend. She watches over Duke and Sophie to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble. She’s not a big fan of new people so she takes time to warm up to you, but once she does, she’s always ready for some affection.

Sophie is the most lovable dog you will ever meet; she loves to lay down on you or in her case lean on you while she’s sitting. She’s always full of energy and isn’t too keen on personal space and will be bringing toys for you to use all day long.

Boone is my dad’s dog. He’s only 4, but he’s huge compared to his siblings. He has the tendency to be a bit rough with his playing due to not understanding his own size, but because of this he will always try to sit in your lap even though he weighs close to 95lbs. Like all his sisters, he’s very affectionate and will try to get your attention the moment you step into the room

Christmas is the oldest cat in our house; she is 12 years old and is a bit grumpy when it comes to Tiny. She’s the biggest attention seeker out of all the cats in our house, she loves to sit in my lap while I work and gets very vocal when I don’t let her.